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How to choose the laser marking machine suitable for your own product

With the continuous development of science and technology, many consumers are aware that Laser marking machines, as the most advanced Laser marking equipment at present, can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of operations. But when choosing a laser marking machine company, most of them will worry about a problem. With the expansion of market demand, there are a lot of laser equipment companies. How can we choose a laser marking machine that we are satisfied with? What are the tips when choosing?

First, the material
What we have to consider is marking on which material. According to the different laser generation, laser marking machines have many types such as optical fiber and CO2. For metal products and non-metal products, users should choose the most suitable type of marking machine.

Second, the product
The laser marking machine is selected according to the product requirements to be processed. Laser equipment can be roughly divided into three types of engraving, cutting and marking in different ways of use. Basically, some are dedicated machines, and some are multiple functions. They should be selected in accordance with major requirements.

Third, the size
Select the appropriate machine format depending on the size of the product to be processed. For the choice of the size of the laser marking machine, it is not that the bigger the machine is, the better. On the one hand, large-format equipment is of course more expensive. On the other hand, the quality of laser output at various points on the large-format surface is not stable due to the poor quality of some equipment. As a result, the marking products on the same surface are different in depth. The proper format is correct.

Fourth, qualification
Many people choose to focus on contracts and prices when choosing a laser marking machine, thus neglecting some of their company's qualification issues. Leave unnecessary trouble for future work. In the laser industry, there are many kinds of laser marking machine equipment, such as: UV laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, etc. The places that need attention are also different. When selecting a laser equipment company, whether there is a relevant license, whether the laser equipment has a certificate of conformity, and whether the engineer has a qualification certificate, the customer must check it out.

Fifth, service
The competition in the laser industry is increasingly fierce. When selecting customers, we must not only pay attention to the quality of products and the qualifications of companies, but also need to know in detail the services provided by laser marking machines. If the company will send staff to the door installation, and complete the commissioning work in the shortest possible time. After installation and commissioning, is there a free professional guidance provided by the company's staff to ensure that operators can familiarize themselves with the various operations as soon as possible. Whether the selected device has full machine warranty service.


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