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How is sport smart band laser engraving machine?

The smart band is a wearable smart device. Through it, users can record real-time data such as exercise, sleep, and some diets in daily life, and synchronize these data with mobile phones and tablets to play a role in healthy guiding.

The design style of the smart band is tempting for users who are used to wearing jewelry. More importantly, the design of the band is versatile. And, its function is relatively powerful, though its size is small.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of related software, the functionality, practicality and convenience of smart band are also becoming more user-friendly and intelligent. From simple functions step counting, motion tracking, calorie monitoring, sleep detection, exercise recording etc., to personalized features heart rate monitoring, incoming call and information display, call, voice assistant, remote mobile phone snapshot, it makes people know more about their healthy life.

On the smart band, there is some text pattern logo information when it is produced. In addition, the merchants use laser marking technology to engrave some more personalized text patterns on the smart band to make it more personalized.

The Laser marking machine uses laser beam to perform non-contact marking on objects, and the text or pattern engraved on the smart band using the metal laser marking machine is beautiful with permanent effect. Compared with ink jet marking, the advantages of the smart band laser marking machine are: wide range of applications, various materials such as metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, leather can be permanently engraved with high quality marking.

Shenzhen Sunlaser's fiber laser marking machine has no force on the surface of the workpiece, it has no mechanical deformation, no corrosion on the surface of the material. It has high wall plug efficiency, can engrave metal materials and some non-metal materials. It is mainly used for the areas with high requirements for depth, smoothness, precision and fineness.


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