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Common problem

How much is a laser welding machine?

How much is a Laser welding machine? It is believed that many people are most interested in buying YAG laser welding machine and QCW laser welding machine. Because the price of laser welding machine not only determines the cost performance of the equipment, but also considers the cost of the welding workpiece.

1, different models, different prices

How much laser welding machine will be affected by many factors, different models of laser welding machine price is not the same, the general general-purpose laser welding machine is almost more than 100,000 or so, can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, the price is relatively reasonable, Quality is more secure.

2, different configurations, different prices

After all, laser welding machines are high-tech products, and prices will certainly not be low. Many businesses have also resorted to all kinds of tricks to praise their products. How prices are low, but they have reduced their quality in terms of configuration. As the saying goes, there is a penny. If the quality is not good, then the price is no use, so we can't just look at the price when we buy.

3, different manufacturers, different prices

The laser technology and laser welding machine accessories used by different manufacturers are not the same, so the price of the laser welding machine between the manufacturer and the manufacturer will be different. But the hardware aspect mainly depends on whether the manufacturer you choose is qualified or not, and whether there is sufficient experience in the field of laser welding machines.

How much money a fiber laser welding machine actually depends on many factors, the above is only part of the factors, we talked about the factors that affect the price of laser welding machine, we can combine to understand. Although the price of laser welding machines is high, we do not advocate a kind of “consumer” consumer concept in order to improve the brand of the product. To buy, buy a good, select a guaranteed big brand manufacturers.


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