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Laser Welding Equipment Automation Technology Liberates Labor

With the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology in recent years, the level of artificial intelligence has been very high, and it can be widely used in various fields. At present, a skilled robot using Laser welding machine technology has emerged. He can replace artificial labor and liberate the labor force to a great extent.

The robot control system is the spiritual center of the robot and is the main factor that determines the function and performance of the robot. The main task of industrial robot control technology is to control the movement position, posture, operation sequence and action time of industrial robots in the working space, with simple programming, software menu operation, friendly human-machine interface, online operation tips and ease of use. With such characteristics, the networking technology of the robot controller makes the monitoring, diagnosis and management of the robot production line more accurate.

Robot welding has been widely used in automotive manufacturing, automotive chassis, seat frames, rails, mufflers, and torque converters. Toyota uses spot welding as a standard to equip its spot welding robots in Japan and overseas. Using this technique can improve the quality of welding, and even try to use it to replace some arc welding operations, and the movement time in a short distance shrinks a lot. The company introduced a low-profile spot welding robot to use it to weld the lower body parts. This short spot welding robot can also be assembled with higher robots to jointly process the upper part of the car body and improve its length.

This laser welding technology can be successfully applied to many mechanical aspects. It not only can be used to liberate the labor force, but also can improve the accuracy of welding and can save a lot of time. With the continuous improvement of the current level of technology, we will have more convenience projects in the future.


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