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Laser welding machine application in the automotive industry

With the continuous maturation of laser application technology, the application and use of lasers has become increasingly convenient. It has been widely used in many fields such as electronic consumer goods, packaging, shipbuilding, aerospace, and automobile manufacturing. It has excellent performance advantages and high-precision processing characteristics. It has given us a qualitative leap in product quality and created more comfortable products and services for people's lives. Nowadays, laser welding technology has been widely used in the current automobile manufacturing field. It has injected new vitality into the current automobile processing and has become an important method of automobile processing. It is widely used in the welding process of the current roof, body, and side frames.

1. Laser welding is used to weld the roof shell and the frame, and the welding converter cover plate is controlled by the CNC. Its cycle time is about 16 seconds, and the actual welding time is only 3 seconds. It can run continuously for 24 hours a day. The gearbox assembly and chassis for welding cars, the laser beam welding speed, easy automation and easy integration into a flexible manufacturing system, the laser beam improves the manufacturer's product design and production cycle, reducing the finished product waste rate.

2. Applications in the automotive industry Laser welding can bring huge economic benefits to the automotive industry, such as a large number of spot welds in the body assembly. Two welding heads are clamped on the edge of the workpiece for welding. The flange width needs to be 16mm. However, laser welding is unilateral welding and only requires 5mm. Spot welding is laser welding, and each vehicle can save 40kg of steel. Using traditional spot welding of two 0.8mm steel stamping parts, the average is 20 points/min, the welding distance is 25mm, ie, the speed is 0.5m/min, and the laser welding speed can reach 5m/min or more. Using laser welding technology not only reduces costs, but also greatly increases production efficiency.

3. It is used for the cutting of metal parts of automobiles and the welding of gears, reducing the remodeling of automobiles from 5 years to 2 years. General Motors Corporation of America has adopted 22 laser processing lines. US Ford Motor Company uses Nd:YAG lasers in combination with industrial robots to weld car bodies, which greatly reduces manufacturing costs. In 2000, the three largest automotive companies in the United States had 50% of the resistance points. The welding production line was replaced by a laser welding production line. In Japan, the successful application of laser welding on the production line has attracted world attention. For example, in the manufacture of automobile bodies, the new method of stamping and forming steel sheets after laser welding has been adopted by most automobile manufacturers in the world.

The prospect of laser welding technology Laser welding technology has had an impact on the traditional automotive welding process. Major auto companies have a very positive attitude towards this. The adoption of new technologies means stronger competitiveness, especially competition. Cruel car industry. Laser welding technology has the greatest application prospect in welding aluminum materials, welding parts instead of castings, and full-body frame welding. Laser manufacturers should seize business opportunities, work hard in terms of laser mobility, volume, etc., and use lasers to transmit lasers. Make the laser more suitable for the needs of the automotive production line. Some domestic Laser welding machine manufacturers have gradually realized this, such as YAG laser welding machine using fiber-coupled focus, easy to use, the laser head can be far away from the welding area, the laser performance is stable and reliable, long life, you can also use the traditional optical traditional system, Lasers can be laser-welded, laser-cut, and perforated, making the machine versatile, especially for laser processing plants and automated production lines.

In the 21st century, the automobile industry is entering the way of flexible modular production according to user requirements. The traditional processing technology can not meet the needs of new production methods. This provides an opportunity for the large-scale application of laser welding technology, laser welding machine technology and other Laser processing technology will certainly have greater development in the automotive field and become an important processing method in the automotive industry.


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