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What are the components of the laser welding machine?

With the development of laser technology, Laser welding machines have been widely used in many industries, so there are more and more buyers of laser welding machines. But before going to the factory for inquiry, what we need most is to understand first the parts of welding machine in the working process, and what is the function of each part, then we can talk about the price of the laser welding machine more clearly.

Currently the laser welding machines on the market generally consist of five parts:
Part 1: Laser welding mainframe
It mainly generates laser beam for welding, and is composed of main parts such as power source, laser generator, optical path, and control system.
Part 2: Cooling system
The cooling system is for cooling laser generator, typically equipped with 1-5HP water circulation chiller.
Part 3: Laser welding automatic workbench
This system is used to realize the laser beam movements according to the specific requirements and welding trajectory during laser welding, and the automatic welding function of the laser. It generally has workpiece movement.
Part 4: Chuck
Generally, in the laser welding process, the laser welding chuck is mainly used to fix the welded workpiece, and it can be loaded, unloaded and positioned repeatedly to facilitate automatic laser welding. Therefore, chucks are one of the indispensable equipments in laser welding production, especially in batch production, whether the chucks are in place, will directly affect the production efficiency and yield rate.
Part 5: Observation System
Generally, the laser welding machine needs to be equipped with observation system, which can perform real-time microscopic observation on the workpiece. It is used for precise positioning in welding programming and inspection of the welding effect during the welding process. The CCD display system is generally equipped.
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