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What products can laser welding machine weld?

Laser welding machine, commonly called laser welder, use high-energy laser to implement localized heating in tiny areas of the material to complete the welding. At present, laser welding machine has become a new industrial technology in industrial welding processing due to its fast welding speed, high efficiency, smooth and beautiful weld seam. Its industry application is very extensive, but there are still many people who do not know what products laser welding machine can weld. Shenzhen Sunlaser give you a detailed introduction as the following:

1. Mobile phone components electronics industry
The laser welding machine can perform micro-welding processing on mobile phone components, it has high-stability laser output, can weld various metal parts on electronic products such as mobile phones. The welding is firm without deformation.
2. The automotive industry
With the rapid development of laser welding technology, laser welding production lines have appeared in the automobile manufacturing industry on a large scale, and have become one of the outstanding achievements of the automobile manufacturing industry.
3. Hardware sanitary products welding
Nowadays, people have increasingly requirements on sanitary products. Whether it is a water tap or a shower or a wash basin, the overall aesthetics and quality requirements are very high. The laser welding machine has good welding effect and the weld seams are smooth and beautiful.
4. Metal mould
Laser welding technology is often used for the wear and tear repair of moulds. The laser welder has small weld seam width and heat affected zone. There is no deformation or porosity after mould repairing. The perfect combination of laser welding machine and computer technology increases the degree of automation and enables precise welding in small and precise area.
In addition, laser welding machines can also be used for welding anisotropic metal materials, such as aluminum alloys and copper alloys, brass and steel, copper foil, steel and aluminum.


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