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What are the parameters affecting the welding quality of various laser welding machine equipment?

The parameters that affect the welding quality of the Laser welding machine equipment include: the energy of the laser pulse, the spot diameter of the laser beam, the frequency of the laser pulse, the pulse width of the laser, the pulse waveform of the laser, the relative light absorption rate of the material to be welded, the welding speed, the shielding gas Wait.

Laser Spot Focusing Diameter: This is an extremely important parameter that reflects the design performance of the laser in units of (mm), which determines the power density and processing range of the laser. If the optical design of the laser is reasonable and advanced, the laser energy is concentrated and the focusing is accurate. The laser spot diameter can be controlled in the range of 0.2mm-2mm, and whether the focus diameter of the laser is controlled at 0.2mm is a strict requirement for the laser generator. test.

The frequency of the laser pulse: This is the ability to reflect how many pulses the laser can shoot in one second, in (Hz). The first thing to note is that the weld metal is the energy to use the laser, and in the case of a constant laser power, the higher the frequency, the lower the energy output per laser. Therefore, we need to ensure that the energy of the laser is sufficient to melt the metal. In this case, the laser output frequency can be determined by considering the processing speed. In the case of laser repairing abrasives, 15Hz has been able to meet the needs of welding, and excessively high frequencies will inevitably cause the laser pulse energy to be too low, resulting in welding failure.

Laser pulse energy: refers to the energy that a single laser pulse can output at the maximum, in J (Joules). This is a major parameter of the laser, which determines the maximum energy that can be generated by the laser. According to the purpose of mold repair, the laser energy can meet the needs of any occasion below 70J, and the large energy is also wasted, or at all. Can not be used, but also brings the laser power volume and the radiator volume continues to increase, reducing the power efficiency.


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