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Laser Marking Technology Boosts Medical Device Industry Upgrade

The medical device industry is an industry that is in direct contact with the human body. It is related to our life and health. Some medical products, such as pills, are taken orally, and some, such as catheter stents, are placed inside the body. It is required that the mark cannot become a source of pollution, nor can it contain other chemical components. In addition, it is also required that the marking surface be smooth to avoid bacterial growth or tissue damage. So there is a very high demand on the mark.
Traditional paint markings are easy to erase. Paints contain substances such as poisons and chemicals and are unfavorable to the environment. They are destined to become backward processing methods. Then, how can some of the indelible, clear marks we see at pharmacies be made?
Yes, yes, it is the credit of the Laser marking machine!

Laser marking uses a laser with a high energy density to irradiate a part of the workpiece and vaporize the chemical reaction of the surface material, thereby leaving a marking method for permanent markings. In the process of simultaneous processing, there is no need to contact the surface of the processed article, no mechanical extrusion and mechanical effect, no cutting force, and low thermal impact, ensuring the original accuracy of the medical product.

Laser marking machines are easier to read on medical devices and can even undergo a hundredfold increase in the number of disinfections. Most importantly, it marks the absolutely smooth surface and prevents bacteria from sticking to the surface. The marked surface does not impair corrosion-resistant chemical passivation, allowing the anti-corrosion coating to persist even after several years of use and numerous times of cleaning and disinfection.
Sun Laser UV laser marking machine can be used for sensitive materials, can achieve quality control, reduce waste, increase output and improve accuracy, laser marking machine reliability and durability for medical equipment company has brought great The benefits also play an increasingly important role in the medical device industry.


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