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How to Improve the Marking Speed of Laser Marking Machines and Other Core Technologies

From the initial purely anti-counterfeit labels to the current product IoT “one size, one yard” labeling, traceability, and marketing solutions, the scope of application of Laser marking machines has been greatly improved. Many traditional ink jet marking machines are It has been replaced by a more environmentally friendly, economical, simple, and stable laser machine. How can we continue to improve and expand market share in the future? Has become a common research topic for many laser marking machine manufacturers.

It is not a brand of laser marking machine. Only by constantly increasing its response speed, marking speed, and jumping speed will it increase its final marking speed (thereby increasing the output, production efficiency, reducing labor, and achieving high-speed and high-efficiency automation product identification. Only in the case of high-speed product lines, such as wire and cable that are extruded at high speeds, can they be clearly and effectively marked to meet the ever-increasing demand for customer-enhanced coding.
How to improve the laser marking machine marking speed, quality and other core technologies?

Only by continuously improving its marking effect on different products, the clarity can be guaranteed while the contrast can be increased, so that consumers can more easily find the marking part and understand some production information of the product (production process , traceability information), so that more products can use laser marking.
How to improve the laser marking machine marking speed, quality and other core technologies?
So how do you specifically improve the technical level?
First, software upgrades. Now the more popular laser machine software on the market are Beijing Gold Orange, Shenzhen Kelingfeng and other operation control systems. These softwares are often used on pure domestic laser marking machines. Some powerful laser marking machine manufacturers are Autonomous software development, on the one hand, aims at better matching with the hardware and exerts the limit speed that the hardware can achieve. On the one hand, it is to expand and allow the software to have more flexible and richer development space. It is very important for customers to supplement their needs in the later period. advantageous.

For example, nowadays, more variable bar codes, two-dimensional code data transmission, and marking require laser machines to have communication capabilities, and a complete communication protocol guide is needed to make it easier for us to connect online with other smart devices on the production line. Data intercommunication; the other is to connect with the MES or ERP system in the factory, to realize the classification and identification of different products through quantitative data generation, transmission and marking. Both of these have new requirements for the software of the machine.

Second, hardware upgrades. The most important hardware aspect is whether laser (laser tube) and polarizer system quality, stability, speed and other "hard parameters" pass, the quality of these hardware will directly affect the laser machine some important parameters, such as laser power, Laser frequency, jump speed, scribing speed, striking time, spot pattern, beam divergence angle, etc.

In the long-term, laser marking machine technology has been developed for decades. Laser cutting and laser engraving used in some large-scale factories, and laser dynamic marking and flight marking have been slowly developed and extended. Selection of breakthrough points in (mineral water), food (bags, boxes), building materials (pipes, cables), daily cosmetics, and condiments (home-made products).

The development speed of laser core technology is very fast. In the highly competitive market environment, such as end-pumps, semiconductors, and water-cooled systems, they have all been eliminated. Now the mainstream has become a CO2 laser marking machine and fiber laser. Markers, UV-UV laser marking machines are three types. In simple terms, they are optical fibers for metal, carbon dioxide for non-metal, and UV-UV for polymer materials.

The innovations in the coming years are the control of hardware costs and the development of a simpler operation and processing system. The advantage is that it can significantly reduce the procurement, assembly, production, transportation, installation, use, and after-sales costs, so that manufacturers and processing companies can spend a lower price, even lower than the price of a marking machine, to buy a machine that satisfies the speed and spray rate. The laser marking machine required for printing quality effect.

From the iteration of equipment types, it is not difficult to see that only by continuous innovation can we make a qualitative change in the laser machine before it can further extend and expand its application scope. In some high-end two-dimensional code applications, laser machines have begun to show their platform. The characteristics of the machine and the characteristics of the machine will be more suitable for platform use in the future anti-counterfeit, traceability, and marketing environment. It can play an important role in helping companies establish a full set of quality control systems.


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