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What brand of laser marking machine is good?

With the progress of the times, traditional labeling products have failed to meet people's high demands. Therefore, various manufacturers have chosen to use Laser marking machines to give product labels. Most customers consult the laser marking machine will put the price in the first place, the goods than the three, high too expensive, too low, afraid of the quality is not good.

However, I do not agree with this approach. The term “value for money” is not groundless. The reason why the price of laser marking machines is high or low is due to the difference in the configuration and performance of laser marking machines. The work we can do with a low-power laser marking machine is not necessary to buy a high-power laser marking machine. After all, the cost of a high-power laser marking machine is higher than that of a low-power laser marking machine. some. So how should we find a marking machine that fits our product in the sea of this laser marking machine?

The first type, first of all, to determine your marking product, to determine what kind of product you want to mark, you can decide to buy what kind of laser marking machine, each material has its own best laser Marking machine. Now there are many kinds of laser marking machines and they are free to choose.

The second step laser, the quality of the laser is the most important factor influencing the quality of the laser marking machine. It is recommended to choose the laser marking machine of the configured laser as much as possible to ensure your marking effect. There are two kinds of lasers, one is made in China, and the other is imported. In general, imports are more expensive than domestic ones.

In the third step of the vibration lens, the vibration of the laser marking machine directly determines the quality of the marking pattern. A good vibration lens can effectively increase the marking speed of the laser marking machine and ensure the graphic accuracy. Like the Shangtuo laser marking machine, the high-speed scanning galvanometer system is used for marking.

The fourth step after-sales service, aftermarket laser marking machine is also a problem that we should pay attention to, including the marking machine distribution, debugging, training, etc., merchants in the purchase of equipment, according to their own needs to be marked product material , material, type, type, and whether it is necessary to meet the production method of the assembly line. First, through the analysis of these points, the most suitable marking machine is evaluated. In summary, the power, model principle, configuration source, and core technology all directly determine the price.

Shangtuo Laser has a sound customer file management system. Each customer has an independent file. Each time the service work is recorded in detail, a complete service supervision system is established, and a unified code of conduct and assessment standards are established. To ensure first-class service quality and service process standardization.


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