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What brand of laser marking machine is good

What are the brands of Laser marking machines? The use of laser marking machines has now been spread to all walks of life and has become an indispensable process on the product line. In the purchase process, various brands have uneven quality and are difficult to distinguish. What should be done to deal with such problems?

People in China are more inclined to branding. They may be very concerned about what brand of laser marking machine is good when using industrial laser equipment. However, in today's society, brands no longer rely on word of mouth to pass on, but more on overwhelming advertisements and monopoly industries. Kind of marketing. The key is how do you choose to identify. In recent years, with the rapid development of laser marking technology, laser marking machines have become more and more widely used in the industrial field.

First of all, we must know that the more mainstream laser marking machines now include CO2 laser marking machines, pipeline laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, and UV laser marking machines.

The quality of the beam - including the quality of the output and the stability of the mode, some of the output beam of the marker will diverge, resulting in poor marking, or instability in the long-term marking, reducing the production efficiency.

Practicality - When selecting a laser marking machine, it must be targeted to understand whether its function is suitable for its own product processing and its stability. Because the output power is different in size, the effect obtained for different products is not the same. Proofing must be performed before the purchase.

In terms of maintenance, with good troubleshooting measures, users can troubleshoot their own faults in the event of a general failure.

Operational aspects - simple and straightforward operation interface is easy to use, and it is not easy to cause laser damage caused by operation mistakes.

Continuous work ability - For each industry, the work environment is different, the ability to withstand pressure, corrosion resistance and other aspects to achieve continuous operation without any influence.

Adhere to the "customer first" and "market-oriented" Sun laser, the company has established a sound market service system, with a number of offices in the country, located in major cities in China, to fully realize "close to the user, extended services ". The nationwide sales and service network ensures that Sun Laser responds quickly and promptly to customer needs.

In order to ensure the perfect service, Shangtuo Laser has a sound customer file management system. Each customer has an independent file. Each service job will be recorded in detail. In addition, Sun Laser has established a complete service supervision system and has a unified code of conduct and assessment standards to ensure first-class service quality and standardization of service processes.


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