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Touch on fingertips: bamboo keyboard co2 laser engraving

With the development of the network, computers have become an essential electrical appliance for every household, and become indispensable in people's lives. And the computer is equipped with mouse, keyboard, audio and other equipment. The commonly used mouse and keyboard are generally made of plastic material, and with the constant innovation, the bamboo mouse and keyboard are gradually emerging in the market.

The keyboard and mouse made of bamboo have the advantages of low cost, good hand feeling, convenient use, environmental protection etc. And the bamboo keyboard has novel and unique appearance, beautiful appearance. The bamboo keyboard has little knocking sound and natural constant temperature performance, can effectively avoid static electricity when used, and also help to extend the service life of keyboard electronic components.

The touch on my fingertips makes me feel thrilled

Bamboo texture has a good function of absorbing ultraviolet rays, and its color is elegant, soft and warm appearance. It can also alleviate people's visual fatigue and reduce the occurrence of myopia. It is a very decorative health care crafts, can meet the increasing pursuit of people's tastes of life.

The laser engraving technology used to engrave on the bamboo keyboard, the font is comfortable and wearable, will not fall off for a long time.

The Laser marking machine uses laser beam for permanent mark on the surface of different materials. The marking is to expose deep materials by evaporation of surface substances, thereby engraving beautiful patterns, trademarks, dates, logos or texts. The CO2 laser engraving machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser has clear marks, fast speed, high yield and no pollution.


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