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Laser welding machine prices and options

The price of Laser welding machines ranges from a few million in the welding of entire vehicles to the welding of tens of thousands of small precision parts. The specific price will be related to many factors, such as specific welding applications, welding requirements, and how much power to choose.

The main factors that affect the price of laser welding machine are the following:

one. The first is power. The laser is the core of the laser device. The higher the power, the higher the price. Because of the higher power, the laser rod equipped and cooling system requirements are higher.

two. Then it is configuration. The configuration of the laser welding machine involves several aspects:

1. Different uses of laser welding machine configuration is not the same, such as welding die welding, jewelry jewelry welding, as well as automatic welding machine galvanometer mirror welding, optical fiber transmission laser welding machine, configuration equipment is not the same, The price is naturally different.

2. There is also an automatic welding machine that is generally more expensive than a manual welding machine because of the need for automatic control systems, CCD camera surveillance systems and other ancillary automation configurations.

3. There are also some customers with customized requirements, so the price will be higher. For example, some production processes require the customization of some automated fixtures, or modifications to the workbench, or the need to add other extra features.

4. The brand of the accessory will also affect the quote. Imports are usually more expensive than domestic ones, and domestic prices are also uneven. It can be said that the price of this accessory can vary a lot.

5. The laser welding machine must also be equipped with a workbench. The workbench is a non-standard product and the design price is not fixed according to the customer's product.

The last is the brand. The laser welding machine has more than tens of thousands, and the technical content is high, and the after-sales service requires a high level of service. Therefore, it must be purchased from the formal channels and try to choose a well-known brand. First, because the technology of well-known brands is relatively mature, product quality is good, and performance is stable; Second, after-sale protection of well-known brands is more perfect.


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