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Common faults and disposal measures of laser welding machine

Any machine may malfunction, Laser welding machine is no exception. Laser welding machine uses laser beam to implement contactless welding on the product, the welding performance is stable. However, some users do not have the relevant knowledge of laser welding machine, so the improper operation of the laser welding machine will greatly reduce the efficiency of the laser welding machine, and sometimes even the laser welding machine can not be used normally. When using laser welding machine, there are always some problem that may occur, which affects its working efficiency.

In order to make the laser welding machine function better, reduce the times of failure and increase the working efficiency, we must understand the working principle of the laser welding machine. The technical staff of Shenzhen Sun Laser explains the common faults and disposal measures of laser welding machines as the following:

1. Laser welding machine industrial computer has the problem of black screen:
A lot of laser welding machine users have encountered this problem, that is, the screen of the laser welding machine becomes black several times. This situation is caused by the problem of the screen of the laser welding machine. It is necessary to solve the problem in time.
2. The laser welding machine weld seam is very black
There are two reasons why the laser welding machine has very black weld seam. The first reson is that the nitrogen gas is not turned on, it will be solved as long as the nitrogen gas is turned on. The second possibility is that the flow direction of the shielding gas is wrong. We should make the flow direction of the shielding gas opposite to the direction of the workpiece motion.
3. Cracks may occur during welding, the causes and solutions are:
a. The cooling rate of the workpiece is too fast. The temperature of the cooling water on the fixture should be adjusted, increase the water temperature.
b. If the matching clearance between the workpieces is too large or there is burr, the processing accuracy of the workpiece should be improved.
c. The workpiece is not cleaned. In this case, the workpiece needs to be cleaned again.
d. The flow rate of the shielding gas is too large, the flow rate of the shielding gas can be reduced to solve.
When the laser welding machine fails, we can refer to the above for operation and check. If there is a problem that cannot be solved, you can contact professional technician for consultation.


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