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Processing technology application of laser welding machine for car trunk

At the moment, car buyers have higher demands on the quality and performance of the products. In order to meet their needs, technological innovation must be continuously carried out, it is the same with welding processing technology. Automobile manufacturers hope to adopt a process with faster welding speed and shorter production cycle under the premise of ensuring product quality and maintaining certain welding flexibility for different gap sizes. Today, the traditional welding process can no longer meet these two production requirements.

The trunk of the car consists of a trunk lid and a rear panel. Since the forming has a 90 degree angle, the most suitable way is to use a Laser welding machine for welding. The traditional trunk welding is carried out by MlG brazing, which is difficult to form a smooth weld seam, and the pollution is large. If laser welding is used, the welding speed is fast, the weld bead is formed well, the quality is stable, the galvanized layer is less burnt, and the deformation is small.

As a high efficient and precise welding method, laser welding has the advantages of less unit heat input, less thermal deformation, larger weld depth-to-width ratio, fast welding speed and higher weld bead strength than the base metal.

The YAG laser welding machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser is a highly efficient and precise welding equipment that uses high energy laser beam as heat source. Since continuous laser welding does not require sheet edge stack welding as in the conventional spot welding process, it is often used by automobile manufacturers for trunks welding. It has the advantages of nice appearance, good sound insulation and perfect sealing effect.


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