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How much is a fiber laser marking machine? Which factory has good laser marking machine?

How much is the fiber Laser marking machine? Most people who need to buy Laser marking equipment will ask this question. Today, there are more and more manufacturers of laser equipment, and most of the purchaser will shop around, and their first comparison is the price.
With the development of laser technology, fiber laser marking equipment is now widely developed in the industry, and there are more and more manufacturers buying fiber laser marking machines, so what price of a fiber laser marking machine will make us feel value for money?
When we buy fiber laser marking machine, the first thing we need to pay attention to is the brand of laser marking machine. The equipment produced by a good laser marking machine brand manufacturer is certainly not bad. After all, the market competition is so fierce, only the quality equipment will survive.
The second point is the power of the fiber laser marking machine. Currently, the common fiber laser marking machine on the market has 10w, 20w, 30w, 60w and alumina blackening professional models. The prices of fiber laser marking machine with different power are not the same, the higher the power, the higher the price.

The third is the configuration of the laser marking machine. The laser marking machine has both imported and non-imported configurations, the price of the imported laser marking machine is more expensive than that of the ordinary laser marking machine. So when we are purchasing fiber laser marking machine, we should be sure to know what configuration we need.

The fourth is the service of laser marking machine manufacturers. A good manufacturer service can avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles.
At present, the price of ordinary fiber laser marking machine on the market is generally between 20,000CNY and 40,000CNY, while the alumina blackening fiber laser marking machine is more expensive.
Which factory has good laser marking machine in China? After price comparison and selection, the next step is to choose the manufacturer. The configuration of the domestic fiber laser marking machine is similar, the difference is in the service of the manufacturer. Shenzhen Sunlaser Technology Co., Ltd. has established a complete market service system, providing customers with information consultation on products, price, technology, industry solution, etc whenever necessary, with efficient pre-sale, sale and after-sale service.


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