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Which industries are fiber laser welding machines used for?

At present, Laser welding equipment has penetrated into our lives, and its application becomes more and more extensive, especially in the entire digital 3C industry, gradually replacing traditional welding method.

Principle of fiber Laser welding machine
The work of fiber laser welding machine is implemented by high-energy pulsed laser. After the high-energy laser beam is coupled into the fiber for long-distance transmission, it is collimated into parallel light by collimating lens, then focuses on the workpiece to weld. For the parts which are difficult to access, equipped with a simple universal instrument, it is possible to implement flexible transmission non-contact welding on the precision parts which are difficult to access for large molds.
So what industries can fiber laser welding machines be used in?
1. Manufacturing
Laser welding technology has been widely used in the manufacture of foreign cars. According to statistics, in 2000, the laser tailor welded production lines for blanks worldwide is more than 100, 70 million pieces of welded blanks for car components were produced annually, and it continues to grow at a relatively high speed.
2. Digital 3C industry
Laser welding has been widely used in the digital 3C industry, especially in the mobile microelectronics industry. Due to the small heat affected zone of laser welding, rapid heating concentration, and low thermal stress, it is showing unique advantages in the packaging of integrated circuits and semiconductor device cases.
3. Medical industry
The laser welding machine of medical equipment has smooth and beautiful weld seam, and it will not cause deformation on the welding product. The laser welding technology hardly produces welding slag and debris, and it does not need to add any adhesive during the welding process, so the entire welding work can be completed in the clean room. It has a good effect on the welding of medical equipment, medical instruments stainless steel seals and structural parts.

With its perfect welding characteristics, Shenzhen Sun Laser's fiber laser welding machine is widely used in mobile communication, electronic components, eyeglasses, clocks, jewelry, hardware, precision instruments, auto parts, craft gifts and other industries. It can also be used in welding various different materials. And it can meet the welding needs of different industries.


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