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Application of Laser Welding Machine in Powder Metallurgy Materials

With the continuous development of science and technology, many industrial technologies have special requirements on materials, and the materials produced by the application of smelting and casting methods can no longer meet the needs. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to use powder metallurgy methods to obtain materials for modern industrial applications.

Due to the special properties and manufacturing advantages of powder metallurgy materials, they are replacing traditional smelting materials in certain fields such as automotive, aircraft, and tool cutting tool manufacturing. The rapid development of modernization has made China's powder metallurgy technology continue to progress. However, the technological level of China's powder metallurgy products still has some gaps from developed countries. It is mainly reflected in the production of low-end products in the country, and its level is basically in the developed countries. In the middle and late 1990s, the state of the art technology, but the more advanced powder metallurgy technology does not involve much.

With the development of powder metallurgy materials, its connection with other parts has become increasingly prominent. Brazing and projection welding have been the most commonly used methods for the connection of powder metallurgy materials, but due to the low bonding strength, the heat affected zone is wide, and in particular it cannot be suitable. When the high temperature and strength requirements are high, the application of powder metallurgy materials is limited.

Laser welding machine technology enters the field of powder metallurgy material processing with its unique advantages. Compared with traditional welding methods, laser welding has a large ratio of depth to width, a narrow weld seam, and a high welding seam bond strength; a small heat-affected zone has no effect on the surrounding tissue and small welding distortion; it can realize automation of the welding process and high production efficiency. Therefore, it has developed rapidly in the field of powder metallurgy material processing.


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