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Which laser marking machine is good for marking non-metallic products?

At present, the industry application of Laser marking equipment is more and more extensive. More and more products need to use Laser marking machine, and the metal products we know are generally engraved by laser fiber laser marking machine or UV laser marking machine. Then what kind of laser marking machine is used to mark leather, wood, clothing, etc?

Non-metallic laser marking generally uses high-performance CO2 laser, high-speed scanning galvanometer, and carbon dioxide gas is charged into the discharge tube as the medium for generating laser light. When a high voltage is applied to the electrode, a glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube, which can make the gas molecules emit laser, and the laser energy is amplified to form laser beam for processing the material, and the laser beam path can be changed by computer controlled galvanometer to implement automatic marking.

The laser marking has the characteristics of fast speed, high production efficiency and long service life. The laser marking machine has simple operation, zero consumables, it only needs to be powered, and by the control of industrial computer, the pattern text can be modified freely. Saving labor, safety and environmental protection, zero pollution, and the engraved text patterns have long-lasting effects, no fading and no falling off.

Co2 laser marking machine can engrave LOGO, trademark, pattern, text, scale, QR code, serial number, symbol, security code, code, barcode and other information on wood products, bamboo products, leather, acrylic, plastic and other materials.

The non-metallic laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sun Laser adopts integrated design structure, new optical path sealing method. It has good stability, reliability, high marking precision, fast speed, stable performance, moderate price. It can control the engraving depth freely, and work for a long time.


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