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Carbon dioxide laser marking machine for which industries?

With the development of laser equipment, there are more and more types of Laser marking machines, and the application industry is constantly expanding. However, the application fields of different marking machines are also different, so the application of CO2 laser marking machine What are the fields?

CO2 laser marking machine, also known as CO2 laser marking machine, is a laser galvanometer marking machine that uses CO2 gas as the working medium. CO2 laser marking machine is mainly composed of CO2 laser, 10.64 field lens, 10.64 beam expander, CO2 laser power, scanning galvanometer, control computer, laser control card, laser control software, laser machine frame, laser circulating water system, and circuit control System and other components.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser marking machine principle
The carbon dioxide laser is a gas laser with a wavelength of 1064 um in the infrared light band. A carbon dioxide gas is used to charge the discharge tube as a medium for generating a laser. When a high voltage is applied to the electrode, a glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube to release the gas molecules. The laser energy is amplified to form a laser beam that processes the material. The laser beam path is changed by a computer-controlled galvanometer to achieve automatic marking.

1. Adopt RF laser and high-speed galvanometer;
2. Clear laser marking, fast speed, high yield, no pollution;
3. Graphics, texts, and serial numbers can be edited by software and changed easily;
4. Laser 30,000 hours free maintenance, no consumables, low cost, energy saving;
5. Mark environmental protection and comply with ROHS standards;

Adapt to materials and industries:
Process gifts, furniture, leather clothing, advertising signs, model making, food packaging, electronic components, pharmaceutical packaging, printing plates, shell nameplates, etc.

The applicable materials mainly include non-metallic materials such as bamboo and wood products, paper, cloth leather, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, and polyester resin.


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