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Can the laser marking machine print the QR code?

In today's life, QR codes appear in every corner of our lives. QR codes can store a lot of information. As a new type of propaganda and marketing means, it is gradually used by more and more merchants.

At present, the application of QR code in the industries of information management system, food and medicine industry, product traceability and sales management, e-commerce etc has been very mature, and the demand for QR code marking is also growing.

The traditional QR code marking method uses the way of ink jet printing and coding. The QR code marked in this way is not clear enough, and sometimes the QR code can not be scanned out. The mark is easy to fall off, erase, or be illegally used by law breakers, which will cause the deluge of counterfeit and shoddy products.

Along with the development of laser technology, Laser marking machine gradually appears in the public's field of vision. Different from the traditional ink jet coding method, the QR code marked by the laser marking machine is beautiful and permanent, not easy to be erased. It is controlled by industrial computer, using laser beam to mark the product without contact, laser marking is clear, fast. It is suitable for mass online marking with high yield, no pollution.

The laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser can print beautiful and permanent QR code marks on different materials. Different laser marking machines are used in different fields. UV laser marking machines are mainly used for marking on glass. The fiber laser marking machine can process the text pattern information on the metal. The co2 laser marking machine is mainly applied to leather and wood products.


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