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Laser marking technology application in mobile phone camera module industry

Mobile phone is an indispensable tool in life for communication and photographing etc. Mobile phone manufacturers often take camera function as an important selling point, which shows the importance of camera functions in the market. The camera module is the core device of various types of cameras. With the boom of smart phones, the volume of mobile phone camera modules is also growing rapidly. Obviously, the use of mobile phone camera modules has stabilized its top spot in the camera module industry.

As the use need of smart phones is getting higher and higher, the requirements for the mobile phone camera function are getting higher and higher, which also raises higher requirements for the functions of the camera modules. And the supply, production quality control and brand protection are becoming increasingly important to the manufacturers who produce the camera modules.

With the increasing demand for mobile phone camera modules, manufacturers want to ensure the quality of production under the premise of ensuring mass production volume, monitor the production batches, production suppliers, production quality control, and finally form the promotion of the company's brand image. These require a new process technics– Laser marking machine application.

By laser marking the clearly readable QR code on each camera module in the early stage of production, each camera module is marked with a unique QR code information, which is transmitted to the next process, and is recognized by smart camera, linked with internal system, this can effectively realize the inquiry to the production supplier and control the problems arising in the production process. The most important thing is to be able to retain such information after shipment, let the customer know the details of the product, understand the important issues such as production batch and production date. And also it includes the company's product information, which protects the product and plays an important role in brand promotion.

The QR code laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser has short marking time. The mark has no explosive point under the electron microscope magnified 100 times, it is clear and beautiful to the naked eye, and clear enough to be read by the barcode gun. Laser marking is contactless marking, it saves energy, avoids chemical pollution compared with corrosion method, and reduces noise pollution compared with mechanical marking.


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