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Laser Marking Machine Application on QR Code Marking

In our daily life, we can see QR codes everywhere, such as Internet Alipay, WeChat QR code, food and milk QR code, etc. QR code is deeply in our life, on the one hand, it is convenient for users to trace the flow of products, and has the purpose of brand promotion, on the other hand, it is convenient for enterprises to control the flow of products, and prevent the cross region sales of goods.

At present, the application of QR code in the manufacturing information management system, food and medicine industry, product traceability and sales management, e-commerce and other industries has been very mature, and the demand for QR code marking is also growing. However, the conventional inkjet coding, thermal/thermal transfer and other conventional coding methods have become more and more difficult to meet the application scenarios and functional requirements of the QR code. The emergence of Laser marking machines has brought a better experience and more possibilities for the application of QR codes.

In the field of consumer electronics, especially in the field of smart phones, the market competition of smart phones is very fierce. Whether it is Apple, Samsung or Huawei, if mobile phones cannot guarantee the quality for customers, the next one to close down may be them. Therefore, all smart phone manufacturers strictly control the quality of products, from electronic components to mobile phone casings, using laser marking machine to mark QR code to achieve traceability of product quality.

Laser marking is non-contact processing, which will not cause other damage to the workpiece during the whole process, and there is no consumables such as ink, no waste gas or waste water will be generated, no pollution.

The QR code can carry a large amount of information, which is the basis for realizing product information traceability, but this means that each product can have its own unique QR code. The traditional QR code marking machine has low automation and low efficiency. With laser marking, you can achieve one item one code at a time fastly.

The QR code laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sun Laser has clear, durable, beautiful marking effect and anti-counterfeiting property. It breaks through the traditional QR code marking method and opens up a wide application space for precision processing and anti-counterfeiting functions.


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