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Is it worth buying cheap second-hand laser welding machines?

At present, Laser welding machines have been widely recognized by the market, and the demand is also very large. Therefore, the majority of users will often consider the choice of second-hand laser welding machine when they select laser welding machine, the most tempting reason for user to choose the second-hand laser welding machine is nothing more than its low price. So is it worth buying second-hand laser welding machines? Let's make a comparison below:

1. When the new laser welding machine is purchased, the manufacturer will designate the technician to train the users until they master skilled application of the laser welding machine. For the second-hand laser welding machine, this training is not available at all, so it is not suitable for the merchants who are new to the laser welding industry.
2. When purchase new laser welding machine equipment, you can choose the brand and check processing effect. For the second-hand laser welding machine, the range of selection is small, and for the processing effect, due to the price difference, you will not have more demanding, which may bring a lot of trouble to the processing of the products.
3. This point is also the most important, because we purchase the laser welding machine equipment for products processing, the mechanical equipment used will inevitably have failure, but the new and second-hand occurrence probability is different, the failure of second-hand machine is three times than that of a new machine.
4. The purchase of the new laser welding machine equipment has a certain after-sales service guarantee, the brand laser welding machine manufacturers will have years of warranty and so on. But there is no guarantee for second-hand machine, so the equipment maintenance will cost money in the future.
It can be seen that the second-hand laser welding machine is far from the new laser welding machine. Although the purchased equipment was only a price difference at that time, it will cause many problems in production and processing in the future, which will seriously cause defective products, the return of processed products and other results. It will bring certain losses to the enterprise.

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