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Private customization cola pop-top cans laser marking

After finishing the drink, we always throw away the pop-top cans. These beverage cans that we often discard are now becoming collectibles. With the gradual enrichment of cans varieties and the increasing number of manufacturers, if you want your own brand to stand out, you must be different and attractive.

Recently, it is very popular on the market to mark some words on the cola cans to attract the attention of consumers and stimulate their desire to purchase.

Mark some beautiful words on the cans by Laser marking machine and give to your favorite people - an unexpected romantic happiness.

Use a laser to engrave favorite pattern on a can and give the "her" a sign of what you want to say but dare not say marked on pop-top can. Not only it is always interesting to express, but also it adds fun. Moreover, the object carved by laser does not disappear with the passage of time, with high collection value.

The laser marking machine adopts laser beam to mark the surface of various materials with permanent marks. Compared with the traditional ink jet printing method, the advantages of laser marking machine are:
1. Marks are beautiful and permanent, anti-counterfeiting.
2. Non-contact processing, fast speed, high precision, little deformation.
3. The whole machine is small in size, with good output beam quality and high reliability.
4. No power coupling loss, saving operating costs.
5. Laser processing, no pollution.

The fiber laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser has the characteristics of good beam quality, small size, fast speed, long service life, flexible installation and maintenance-free. Adopting laser as a processing method, there is no processing force with the workpieces. It is suitable for automatic processing and special surface processing, and the processing method is flexible. It can adapt to the needs of laboratory single-item design, also can meet the requirements of industrial mass production.


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