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Laser marking machine application on power adapter

In recent years, the popularity of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products has set off the upsurge of peripheral accessories extensive application. The power adapter also takes a share in this boom.

The power adapter is a power supply conversion device for small portable electronic devices and electronic appliances. It is generally composed of parts such as case, transformer, inductor, capacitor, control IC, and PCB. There is a name plate on the power adapter, which indicates the power, input and output voltage, current, etc. These data are very important, so the marks can not be damaged.

The traditional way of marking is to use silk screen to print on the outside. The silk screen has strong ink smell, the dot is not delicate enough, it is difficult to follow the color, the printing effect is not ideal, the marked information is easy to fade and fall off, and the ink components used in silk screen printing are chemical elements. Nowadays, manufacturers are required to use the specified new technologies for low-carbon environmental protection.

With the increasing demand of the market, the emergence of Laser marking machine has quickly replaced the silk screen printing process. Laser marking is a clean, pollution-free and environmentally friendly processing technology. It has the features of non-contact marking, high marking accuracy, clear and permanent effect, strong wear resistance and so on.

The reaction mechanism of the 5W UV laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser is realized by photochemical ablation, that is, the laser energy is used to break the bonding between atoms or molecules, making them become small molecule to vaporize and evaporate. Its focus spot is extremely small, and the processing heat affected zone is minimal, it can be used for ultra-fine marking and special material marking.
The 5W UV laser marking machine has good beam quality, very small focusing spot for ultra-fine marking, the marks are beautiful and permanent with high anti-counterfeiting effect. UV laser is cold light source, when laser marking or laser cutting, the heat affected zone is extremely small with no thermal effect. Most materials can absorb ultraviolet laser, so the application range is wider.


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