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Animal QR code laser marking traceability system implementation

The ear tag is one of the animal identifiers used to prove the identity of the animal, and it has the sign of animal individual information, the ear tag is attached to the ear of animal. At present, the attachment of QR code ear tag for livestock is one of the most common methods in the farm. It has the recognition function, after the ear tag is attched, the information is automatically generated and entered into the management system. We can check the entire process of the animal from birth to final consumption at any time through the identification function of the ear tag.

The benefits of QR code ear tag for animal are:
1. It is good for safe production.
The QR code ear tag is an excellent tool for clear identification and detailed management on a large number of livestock. Through the electronic ear tag, the farm can detect hidden dangers in time and quickly take corresponding control measures to ensure safety production.
2. It is conducive to animal disease control.
The QR code ear tag can manage the animal's ear number together with species, source, production performance, immune status, health status, animal owner and other information. Once the epidemic situation and animal product quality occur, the problem can be traced back to its source, clasify responsibility, and stop loopholes, so as to realize the scientific and institutionalized animal husbandry and improve the management level on livestock.
3. It can facilitate the state's safety supervision on animal products.
The QR code ear tag is an information storage component of the animal identification traceability system, and it is hung on the ear when animal is born. From then on, the animal's birth, immunization, quarantine, transportation, slaughter and other file information from birth to death will be stored in the ear tag, we can see these details by scanning the QR code.

The Laser marking machine is used to mark the QR code and digital information on the animal ear tag, which will not cause wear on the ear tag, and the marked information will not be blurred due to environmental change. The mark is clear, beautiful and permanent, it will not fade. The laser marked QR code for livestock and poultry tag adopts the specific encryption code and has anti-counterfeiting function, which can facilitate consumers to confirm the authenticity on the animal health supervision network, and accurately inquire about livestock and poultry origin, quarantine and other information.

The QR code laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser adopts photochemical ablation, that is, laser energy is used to interrupt the bonding between atoms or molecules, making them become small molecule or atom to vaporize and evaporate. Its focused spot is extremely small, and the processing heat affected zone is very little. It can be used for ultra-fine marking and special material marking.


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