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Laser marking machine application on capacitor surface marking

Capacitor is an electronic component that has the function of passing alternating current and stopping direct current. At the same time, capacitor is also an energy storage component, it is an indispensable important component in electronic circuits. The capacitor consists of two metal electrode plates which are close to each other, with insulating medium in the middle. When a voltage is applied to the two poles of the capacitor, the capacitor can store energy. Capacitors, widely used in high and low frequency circuits and power circuits, have these functions: coupling, filtering, bypassing, resonance, boosting, timing and so on.

With the increasing demand for capacitors, there are more and more capacitor manufacturers. In order to facilitate the management and enhance the popularity of their own brands, manufacturers will mark on the surface of their own capacitors with their own brand logos, production numbers, currents, etc.

The capacitor is in direct contact with current, so the text on its surface must be clear to avoid accidents. The text information printed by traditional ink silk screen is unclear and not beautiful, which is easy to fade and fall off, so it is not suitable for marking on the capacitor.

Laser marking machine uses laser beams for permanent marking on the surface of various materials. The effect of marking is to expose deep materials by evaporation of surface substances, so that beautiful patterns, trademarks and characters can be engraved. The laser marked text information will never fall off and fade, so it is very suitable for marking on capacitor.

The fiber laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser uses the fiber laser to output the beam, and then implement the marking function through the high-speed galvanometer system. The optical fiber laser marking machine has high wall-plug efficiency, it uses air cooling method, the whole machine is small in size. It has good output beam quality and high reliability. It can engrave metal materials and some non-metallic materials, mainly for the areas with high requirements on depth, smoothness and fineness.


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