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How much is the price of new energy power battery laser welding machine?

In recent years, the wave of new energy vehicles has become popular around the world. Among them, the power battery as the core component of the new energy vehicle directly determines the performance of the vehicle. The accuracy and automation level of the production equipment will directly affect the quality, efficiency and consistency of the battery. Therefore, the new energy battery Laser welding machine becomes the power battery industry new favorite.

The new energy power battery laser welding machine works with the excellent directionality and high power density of the laser beam. The optical system focuses the laser beam in a small area and forms a highly concentrated heat source zone in the welded part in a very short time, thus melts the welded area and forms strong weld spot and weld seam.

The power battery laser welding machine has high energy density, little welding deformation and small heat affected zone, which can effectively improve the precision of the workpiece. The weld seam is smooth, free of impurities, smooth and dense, no additional grinding work is required. The structure of the power battery usually contains various materials, the power battery laser welding machine can weld the anisotropic metals.

At present, the demand for new energy battery laser welding machine is increasing in the market, and there are more and more manufacturers of various scales, the prices of laser welding machines are also different, which makes many buyers feel confused. What price of the power battery laser welding machine will be a good deal?

The price of new energy power battery laser welding machine depends on the specific requirements of welding products and the configuration of Laser welding equipment. But it is recommended to go to the factory for sample proofing first, in this way the specific requirements for the equipment will be more clear.


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