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Laser welding machine application on new energy power battery

The battery can be said to be a necessity in our lives, and it is used in many electrical appliance and electronic products. With the increasing demand for industrial products and the need for enterprises to reduce production costs, now the battery welding has been widely automated. The new energy power battery is the new favorite of the current battery manufacturing industry.

In recent years, the wave of new energy vehicles has become popular around the world. Among them, the power battery as the core component of the new energy vehicle directly determines the performance of the vehicle. And the accuracy and automation level of the production equipment will directly affect the quality, efficiency and consistency of the battery. As a laser processing equipment, Laser welding machines also play an important role in the field of welding.

There are many parts to be laser welded for power batteries, and there are pressure and leakage test requirements. For example, the current shell material of the battery is aluminum, and the aluminum shell battery accounts for the vast majority of the entire power battery industry. Laser welding of aluminum is difficult, it will have the problems such as bulging on the weld surface, porosity, fire, and internal air bubbles. The surface protrusions, pores, and internal bubbles are fatal injuries to welding. For these reasons, many applications have to stop or find ways to avoid. This is a big headache for many battery manufacturers in the early stage of research and development.

Laser welding works by using the excellent directionality and high power density of the laser beam. The laser beam is focused on a small area by optical system to form a highly concentrated heat source zone in the soldered area in a very short time, thereby melting that area and forming firm welding spot and welding seam.

Shenzhen Sunlaser's power battery laser welding machine uses better scanning galvanometer with the configuration of faster welding speed and laser beam mode. It is suitable for the welding of various components with high accuracy. It consist of galvanometer scanning system, laser power supply, optical scanning system, three-dimensional adjustable workbench, industrial computer, cooling system, laser indication system and operation cabinet. It can also be used in welding process with high melting point or two different metal materials, no need flux, non-contact welding, strong solder joints, small heat affected zone, little mechanical stress and deformation.


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