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Customize Your Exclusive Mobile Shell - Laser Marking Machine

With the development of the Internet era, only mobile phones have become more and more powerful. Alipay, Taobao, QQ, WeChat and other major software have caused us to rely more and more on mobile phones. In the processing and manufacturing of mobile phones, many links can go to laser technology and Laser marking equipment. The development of domestic UV marking machines and optical laser processing technology has also promoted the development of smart phone manufacturing technology. This is related to the nature of laser technology and the nature of precision mobile manufacturing.

Laser marking machine laser technology can also be customized for your unique mobile phone. Use laser to engrave your exclusive logo on the phone case and mobile phone case to show your unique style, and it can also be a testimony of your love friendship.

Laser marking is one of the important mobile phone processing application technologies. The laser focused spot can gather at a wavelength level and concentrates very high energy in a very small area. It is particularly suitable for laser marking of mobile phone housings. UV laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine can be used in PCB industry, such as PCB board marking, mobile phone shell graphics and punching, headset and connection data line marking, etc., with high efficiency, low cost, small deformation, Wide range of applications and other advantages.


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