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How much is a high power laser welding machine?

The application of Laser welding machines is becoming more and more common in life. To meet the needs of production, there are more and more laser welding machines with different powers. There are nanosecond pulse laser welding machine suitable for welding precision parts, and high power yag laser welding machine. What we are going to talk about today is high power yag laser welding machine.

The work of high power laser welding machines is to use high-energy pulsed laser to achieve welding. The laser power source first activates the pulsed xenon lamp, and impulsively discharges the xenon lamp to form the light wave with certain frequency and pulse width. The light wave is radiated onto the Nd3+:YAG laser crystal through the condensing cavity to stimulate the Nd3+:YAG laser crystal to emit light. After the resonance of the laser resonator, a pulsed laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm is emitted, and after the pulsed laser beam's expansion, reflection, focusing(or transmission through the optical fiber) then hit on the object to be welded. The welding is completed under the control of a PLC or an industrial PC. 

At present, high power laser welding machine is favored and welcomed by large and small machinery manufacturers because of its advantages, it can greatly increase mechanical production efficiency and improve economic efficiency. Compared with other laser welding machines, the most prominent feature of high power laser welding machine is that it can weld some large components, such as cars, large mold metal products, shipbuilding etc.

How much does it cost to buy a high power laser welding machine? For many buyers, this is a very noteworthy issue. The price of laser welding machine determines not only the cost performance of the equipment, but also the cost of welding workpiece. Generally the price of high power laser welding machine will be higher than that of the low power laser welding machine. And we must pay attention to the quality of the equipment while selecting the price.

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