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Process application of laser welding machine on shared electric bicycle

On the side of the road, there are rows of shared electric bicycles with different colors, equipped with light lithium battery, which is unique. Compared with shared bicycles, the travel distance of shared electric bicycles can be extended to 2-9 kilometers, which can meet the needs of medium and short-haul users.

It is not uncommon to use power battery to provide kinetic energy for bicycles. A few years ago, smart bicycles have become hot projects for smart hardware. Many start-ups and giants have gone to work in them, and new power sources have become the standard equipment for smart bicycles.

Welding is an indispensable technology in the manufacturing process and is widely used.
Laser welding is a combined manufacturing process in which raw materials such as positive and negative materials, separators and electrolytes are assembled together. For shared electric bicycles, laser welding is a key process in the entire production process.

The power battery in the shared electric bicycles has many welding parts, high welding difficulty and high precision requirements, so the traditional welding method is difficult to meet the requirements, while the laser welding technology has small loss of welding material, small deformation of the welded workpiece, stable and easy operation of the equipment, high welding quality and automation degree. The power battery Laser welding machine can greatly improve the safety, reliability and longevity of the battery.

The welding process of the metal laser welding machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser is to radiate high-intensity laser beam to the metal surface. After the interaction between the laser and the metal, the metal is melted then cooled to form welding. The power battery laser welding machine welds all raw materials into battery cells, which can be directly used in traditional consumer electronics, electronic tools, shared bicycles and so on.


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