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Laser welding machine application on power battery electrode tab

The power battery electrode tab, its current value is very large. At present, there are many manufacturers of power battery electrode tab on the market. Most of the domestic electrode tabs adopt the materials imported from Korea. The quality of battery welding is related to the safety of users, if the product has soldering problems, it will easily cause outflow or even burst of the material inside the battery, which affects the user's personal health and safety.

In the past, the phenomenon of cell phone battery explosion often occurred, most of which was due to the safety hazard of bad battery soldering quality. For this reason, the battery soldering problem caught the attention of battery manufacturers, they began to look for better welding production equipment. And in the choice of battery welding machine, Laser welding machine has become their first choice. Compared with the traditional welding method, the laser welding technics level is higher, its benefits are considerable, and the safety problem is also solved in a better way.

The Laser welding equipment works by using its excellent directionality and high power density of the laser beam. The optical system focuses the laser beam in a small area, and at the welded portion forms a heat source zone with highly concentrated energy in a very short time, which causes the solder to melt and form a strong solder joint and seam.

Using laser welding machine to weld the power battery electrode tab, the energy density is high, the welding speed is fast, the heat affected zone is small, and the workpiece deformation is little. It has high automation degree and good consistency.

Shenzhen Sunlaser's nanosecond laser welding machine has small footprint, it can release a lot of space for other flexible arrangement. Laser welding has no air and noise pollution, no dust. And it is a new energy, which is more suitable for using in high-tech dust-free workshops. Laser power consumption rate is low, wall-plug efficiency is high, equipment loss is low, maintenance cost is also greatly reduced, production cost is reduced, and the production profit of the manufacturer is improved. The laser welding can adjust welding speed, welding depth and welding width according to the requirements. It can achieve precise control, and it is suitable for precision welding of different materials and products with more reliable quality and neater appearance.


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