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Laser welding machine application in new energy battery industry

The demand for energy storage and battery life for battery applications is increasing, and battery weight and cost requirements are getting lower and lower. Batteries usually contain many kinds of materials, such as zinc, steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, etc. These metals may be made into electrodes, wires, or shells. They should be as much as possible based on considerations of minimizing weight and cost. Thin, the conductivity, strength, airtightness, metal fatigue, and corrosion resistance of each battery are typical welding quality evaluation standards.

Laser welding has always been an indispensable process in the lithium battery manufacturing process. Various materials have been widely applied to laser welding, such as stainless steel shells, aluminum shells, and polymers. The unique high speed of laser welding is unmatched by other welding technologies. With the continuous development of the industry, higher requirements are imposed on the efficiency and quality of laser welding. Fiber lasers promote high-speed welding and can be realized at the weld seam. Low heat input and high solidification speed can effectively control solidification defects that occur in mixed metal welding.

The weld metal combinations most likely to crack are copper and aluminum, which also happens to be one of the most commonly used metal combinations in lithium ion batteries. Fiber laser welding shows the characteristics of crack-free welding in this important metal welding process. Other metal combinations that are needed or not commonly used can also be made using laser welding, especially when the solidification rate is high. Finally, as long as these weld metal combinations are achievable, it is crucial to assess their ability to perform in the intended battery application.

Sun Laser's laser welding technology can be used in several aspects of the battery: the safety valve structure seal welding, the cover seal welding, the lead tab welding, the tab assembly welding, and the battery pack welding. These are the areas where the power battery is mainly used for the Laser welding machine. Because the laser welding machine welds these things, the laser has good absorption of their materials, and the laser welding has a small heat affected zone. The effect is firm, and the welding spot is small and beautiful.


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