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Laser Marker Application in Battery Industry

With the use of technology, batteries are used more and more widely in our lives. By using the battery as an energy source, a current with stable voltage, stable current, stable power supply for a long time, and little external influence can be obtained, and the battery structure is simple, easy to carry, and the charging and discharging operation is simple and easy, free from external climate and temperature Impact, stable and reliable performance, play a significant role in all aspects of modern social life.

With a wide range of battery applications, traditional ink marking technology is easy to wipe and remove.
Some lawbreakers have gone through the loopholes, a large number of counterfeit batteries are rampant in the market, making some customers who are not aware of the authenticity of fraud.

False battery due to the production of technical quality and other non-compliance, will cause incalculable damage to the device directly affect the life of equipment such as power supply load, in addition, uneven discharge, but also cause some damage to some confidential instrumentation instruments, and sometimes even an explosion, The consequences of unforeseen consequences brought unpredictable losses to the manufacturers.

Using a Laser marking machine to identify the battery can effectively prevent the occurrence of counterfeit and inferior products. The laser marking machine utilizes high-energy-density lasers to locally irradiate the packaging and “prints” information such as the production date and serial number on the packaging, leaving a long-lasting mark. Lawyers cannot freely imitate and change the laser-marked information.

Sun laser battery laser marking machine has a small size, high output beam quality, high reliability, low production cost, clear marking, long-lasting, beautiful appearance, and effective anti-counterfeiting.


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