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Which company has good laser welding machine equipment for laser welding metal stainless steel kitchen ware spoons

"People take food as first need" We believe that all of us like food, even simple foods have their own souls, because it requires the cooks to inject the mood when cooking, every procedure, heat control, etc., are all crucial.
As the saying goes, "Sharp tools make good work." The chefs we see in the restaurant have a freely flowing style of cooking. In addition they are familiar with the cooking skills, the quality of the kitchen utensils also have a vital role, a good set of cooking utensils can make the chef's cooking skills to a higher level.

The quality of cooking utensils mainly depends on its welding quality. Cooking utensils are generally made of stainless steel or iron. Metal kitchen utensils generally do not contain toxic substances and will not dissolve. In the process of cooking, there is very little dissolution. even if iron substances are dissolved, it is good for the human body.

The traditional kitchen welding method is unstable in welding, prone to crack, complicated welding steps. And it is easy to deform the product during processing, the production cost is high. The appearance of laser welding technology makes the steps of welding the kitchenware more simple.

The Laser welding machine use high-energy pulse laser which is controlled by industrial computer to complete the welding work. It is a new type of welding method, which can realize spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding and so on.

The metal laser welding machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser has fast welding speed, small deformation, smooth and beautiful weld seam, high quality, no air hole, precise control.


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