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Can the laser marking machine do colored marking?

With the development of laser technology, the application of laser marking technology has become more and more extensive. The marked pattern of ordinary Laser marking machine that we generally see is the color of the material itself. Some people will think that it looks so monotonous, and they will ask, can the laser marking machine do colored marking? Is there a color laser marking machine?

The application level of laser technology is gradually improved, and color laser marking is a new type of laser marking technology. Mainly used on stainless steel metal material, by setting the laser marking machine technological parameter, it can engrave colored pattern on the object of stainless steel material.

Using the latest digital technology to create a new concept of laser marking, the first laser marking machine that can mark color patterns at one time makes the laser marking say goodbye to the monochrome era, and the laser marking is no longer monotonous!

Color laser marking machine differs from ink deposition technique and those that apply color powders or films. It uses more advanced laser which can change the typical physical effect of color, having thermal decomposition reaction with polymer in an oxygen environment. Various colors can be produced on the surface of stainless steel metal raw materials.

Unlike ordinary laser marking machine, the color laser marking machine uses the latest optical technology to design optical system and unique water temperature control system. The laser power is stronger and the beam is more stable. The biggest shortcoming of color laser marking machine is that its price is too high at present. Its price is several times higher than the ordinary laser marking machine, which makes its market share is relatively small.

Shenzhen Sunlaser's stainless steel color laser marking machine can mainly carry out color marking on stainless steel materials, with clear and exquisite markings and high reliability.


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