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How much is the license plate keychain laser marking machine?

The automobile license plate keychain Laser marking machine uses a laser beam to mark the surface of the keychain with a permanent mark. The laser marking machine adopts laser processing as a means, and has no processing force with the workpiece, and has no contact and no deformation. The advantage of small heat effect ensures the original accuracy of the workpiece. The spatial controllability and time control of the laser are very good, and the free degree of material, shape, size and processing environment of the processed object is very large, it is particularly suitable for automated processing and special surface processing.

Compared with traditional marking methods, laser marking machines have the following advantages:
1. Can process most metal or non-metal materials.
2. The laser processes as non-mechanical "knife tool". It does not generate mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material, no "tool" wear, no toxicity, and rarely causes environmental pollution.
3. The laser beam is very thin, the consumption of the material to be processed is very little.
4. When processing, X-rays are not generated as in the processing methods such as electron beam bombardment, and not interfered by electric fields and magnetic fields.
5. The operation is simple, the use of microcomputer numerical control technology can achieve automated processing, it can be used in the production line for high-speed and high-efficiency parts processing, can be a part of the flexible processing system.
How much is the license plate keychain laser marking machine?

Regardless of the equipment, price is often a factor that people are most concerned about, and laser marking machines are no exception. The specific price of domestic license plate keychain laser marking machine depends on the power of the laser and the configuration of the laser marking machine. It is recommended that the purchaser can go to the laser marking machine manufacturer for sample proofing, in order to further understand the manufacturer's technology and equipment production. 

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