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How good is laser welding machine for car metal gears welding?

Gears are an indispensable part of car's construction. In the manufacturing of car transmission gears, in order to reduce the difficulty of gear hot processing and cold processing and improve production efficiency, the gears are often divided into two separate parts for processing, and then the two parts are combined to form a whole compound gear.

There are two main ways to connect a compound gear: a spline connection and a beam welding connection. The spline connection is realized by the inner and outer splines, and the empty sipe is large, the axial dimension of the gear is large, and the production efficiency is low.

The beam welding connection is mainly by laser welding. The laser welding technology is used to connect the gears. The weld seam depth width ratio of the gear is relatively large, the welding gear has small deformation and the welding strength is high.

The gears for cars require a relatively large depth width ratio of the weld, and no defects such as pits are allowed at the first and the last joints. Therefore, the Laser welding machine is more suitable for welding gears.
The use of laser welding technology to weld the gear can improve the product precision of the gear, simplify the product structure and manufacturing process, and can easily meet the needs of the continuous adjustment of the parts structure in the product development, trial production and the manufacturing of the sample piece.

The gear laser welding machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser has a compact structure, high precision and reliability, which can reduce the vehicle failure rate, improve the operational flexibility of the vehicle and improve product reputation.


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