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Common problem

Common problems and adjustment methods of laser marking machine

Common problem:

1. the reasons for the drop of laser output power after a period of time after the Laser marking machine is used.

(1) whether the laser resonator changes: the resonator lenses before and after the micro modulation make the best output spot.

(2) whether all reverse and output diaphragms have a fouling phenomenon.

Laser marking machine laser rod surface due to temperature difference to form condensation phenomenon;

2. laser marking machine has normal output power, but the laser beam can not play the role of marking.

(1) whether the adjustment of the optical path system is accurate;

(2) whether the acoustooptic switch can play the role of switching;

3. the reason that the laser marking machine can not reach the desired depth of marking:

(1) whether the output power of laser can meet the requirements;

(2) whether the switch off power of the acoustooptic switch meets the requirements;

(3) whether the adjustment of the light path is accurate;

(4) whether the surface of the workpiece is in the focal plane;

Light path regulation method:

1. open the machine in normal order, notice that the cold water machine must be opened, and the real time temperature of the cold water machine is in accordance with the set temperature in order to carry out the next operation.

2. remove the protective cover of the laser marking machine, pay attention to the failure to rub and close the laser and the Q switch power according to the normal shutdown method.

3. it is suitable to observe the output and feedback of red light at this time with the frequency doubling block or white paper, and the most round and brightest spot of the red light indicator screen is suitable. If there are many red light spots, the red light indicator is adjusted to the adjusting nut of the beam enlargement mirror in turn until the requirement is reached.

4., turn on the laser power and adjust the current to 14~15A range. It's best not to exceed 15A. If we use the dimming frequency multiplier to observe whether the laser output is the most circularly and brightest spot before the laser.

5. the frequency doubler is placed in the beam expander to observe whether there is a laser output. If there is no, adjust the adjusting nuts slowly, and adjust the nuts in order to the brightest and most circular spot in order.

6. slow down the current, observe the intensity of the frequency doubler, adjust the adjustment nut to the brightest spot of the spot.

7. repeat sixth steps, at least 4~6 times, get the most round and brightest spot, at this time the current should be less than 10A, it is best not to exceed the 12A.

8., place the frequency multiplier on the worktable. At this time, the worktable should be the focal point (the distance is 22~22.5cm). We can observe the laser spot intensity and increase the current adjustment and adjust the nut slightly to get the strongest spot. Note that this step is a fine tune.

9. open the Q switch and carry on the test. (the test parameters are the normal marking parameters). If the light intensity reaches the requirement, it is adjusted to the end.

10. install protective cover.

Main points of daily operation and maintenance of marking machine:

1. marking machine marking parameter, the current can not exceed 20A, lest laser burn each lens.

Before the 2. marking machine work, it is necessary to open the cold water machine and wait for the real-time temperature of the cold water machine to be in accordance with the set temperature. The difference can not exceed 0.5 degrees C.

The circulation water of the 3. cooling water machine is replaced once from one to half a month, and the replacement is independent of the frequency and time of the marking machine.

The filter core of 4. cold water machine is often checked and replaced regularly.

When the mirror surface of the 5. marking machine is cleaned, it can only be dipped in the cotton cotton swab with more than 98% alcohol, and the damage mirror coating can be placed slightly.

6. marking machine should be to prevent the collision, so as not to damage the internal lens.

7. special person should be arranged for the use and maintenance of the marking machine.


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