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Laser welding machine application on mobile phone sensors

The pressure sensor is a device or equipment which can sense a pressure signal and convert the pressure signal into a usable output electrical signal according to a certain rule. Pressure sensor is usually composed of pressure sensitive components and signal processing units.

Due to technical and other reasons's restrictions, The altitude error calculated by GPS is about 10 meters, and sometimes it even can not receive GPS satellite signals if it is in the woods or under a cliff. The range of choice by air pressure can be wider, and the cost can be controlled at a lower level.

In addition, pressure sensor in the mobile phone such as Galaxy Nexus includes temperature sensor which captures the temperature to correct the result to increase the accuracy of the measurement. Therefore, adding the pressure sensor function on the basis of the original GPS in the smartphone can make the three-dimensional positioning more precise.

Then, to connect the pressure sensor with other parts in the mobile phone, it needs to use our Laser welding machine. The traditional welding method not only has unsightly weld seam, but also easily deforms the periphery of the welded product, while by laser welding machine, not only the weld seam is firm and beautiful, but also the overall temperature of the workpiece is low, it will not damage the sensitive components inside the sensor.

The sensor laser welding machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser has fast welding speed and high precision during laser welding, the energy is highly focused on the solder joint of 0.2mm, and the self-melting and deep-melting welding are realized instantaneously without excess heat. The soldered sensor has low temperature, no thermal deformation, this will protect its internal sensitive components from thermal damage, and insure sensor performance is more stable. The computer controls the welding process, the weld seam is fine, beautiful, and firm. The unique weld ripples have anti-counterfeiting function and are easy to identify products. No need welding rods, no lead pollution, it not only improves the appearance and internal quality of the sensor, but also enhances the sensor's competitiveness in market.


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