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Laser welding machine application in various stainless steel products

In the laser welding industry, there are many manufacturers that use Laser welding machines to weld various stainless steel parts. The welding effect is also very good. The advantages of laser welding using various types of stainless steels are described below by Shangtuo Laser:

Compared with traditional welding, low-power nano-pulse laser seam welding has the advantages of high power density, energy concentration, small heat input, narrow weld seam, small deformation, etc., and the laser beam can obtain small spot after focusing, and can be precisely positioned. These features make laser seam welding more suitable for welding small workpieces than other welding methods. For the laser welding of ultra-thin stainless steel materials, because the material is very thin, it is easy to vaporize the perforation, in order to obtain a continuous, non-burn through weld. The key is the precise control of the parameters.

The main parameters affecting the welding quality of Laser welding equipment include welding current, pulse width, and pulse frequency. The main effects are as follows:

(1) As the current increases, the width of the weld increases, splashes appear gradually in the welding process, oxidation occurs on the surface of the weld, and there is a rough feel.

(2) As the pulse width increases, the weld width also increases. Pulse width changes have a significant effect on the effect of laser welding on stainless steel ultrathin plates. A slight increase in the pulse width can cause the sample to be oxidized and burnt through.

(3) With the increase of pulse frequency, the overlap ratio of solder joints increases, and the width of the weld increases first and then remains basically unchanged. Observed under the microscope, the weld is more and more smooth and beautiful. However, when the pulse frequency is increased to a certain value, the welding process is severely spattered, the weld seam becomes rough, and oxidation occurs on both the upper and lower surfaces of the weldment.

(4) Laser welding of ultra-thin plate materials is suitable for positive defocusing. In the case of the same defocusing amount, the surface of the weld obtained by positive defocusing laser welding is smoother and more beautiful than negative defocusing.


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