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Which stainless steel laser marking machine brand is good

Stainless steel Laser marking machine is one of the series of laser marking machines, mainly for the marking of stainless steel metal products. The stainless steel laser marking machine uses laser beam to remove a specific portion of the metal material to achieve the desired effect or mark. In metal engraving application, the laser beam is like a chisel used in engraving to cut away the redundant metal material.

Laser metal marking is divided into two types: shallow carving and deep carving. Generally, the depth of shallow engraving is 5 to 25, the depth of deep carving is generally deeper, and the specific depth depends on different materials, the power of the laser used, and the time of engraving. The shallow carving is mainly used for permanent marks on the surface of various tools, spare parts, and the deep carving is mainly used for carving abrasive tools and stampers.

With the development of laser technology, stainless steel laser marking machine using fiber laser can change the color of the surface layer of the material by adjusting the laser beam when marking the stainless steel material, thereby obtaining a decorative effect with different colors, therefore, it is more popular.

Which stainless steel laser marking machine brand is good?

The brand represents the strength of a manufacturer, the brand with high reputation means the strength of the manufacturer is strong. When we select stainless steel laser marking machine, we often look at the brand first. Shenzhen Sun Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of laser equipment. The stainless steel fiber laser marking machine developed and produced by our company can mark all kinds of stainless steel products with beautiful and permanent effect. 


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