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Can laser marking machine mark on stainless steel product?

The Laser marking machine uses laser beam to mark the surface of different objects with permanent marks, it has the advantages of beautiful and permanent marking effect, high stability and small size, it can mark on a variety of different materials. The marks by traditional marking equipment we know on the metal stainless steel products fade or fall off easily, so the laser marking machine can print permanent mark on stainless steel products?

The answer is yes. The laser marking machine consists of laser power supply, fiber laser, galvanometer scanning system, focusing system and computer control system. The fiber laser marking machine adopts fiber laser, and the output laser mode has a long service life, it can be used on various metallic stainless steel products for permanent marking.

Compared with traditional marking equipment, the advantages of fiber laser marking machine marking on stainless steel are:
1. No corrosion on the working surface, no tool wear, no poison, no pollution.
2. The laser marking is processed by a non-mechanical "laser knife", which can print marks on any regular or irregular surface.
3. The marking speed is fast and the operating cost is low.
4. No need any maintenance, long service life, small size, suitable for work in harsh environments.
5. Controlled by industrial computer, the laser beam achieves non-contact marking on the product, the whole machine is small with air cooling system, the output beam quality is good.
Shenzhen laser marking machine manufacturer Shenzhen Sunlaser's stainless steel fiber laser marking machine can mark on a variety of stainless steel products with exquisite and permanent effect. It is widely used in mobile communication, precision instrument, glasses, clocks, jewelry, hardware, cutlery, kitchen utensils, tool accessories, auto parts, plumbing accessories, medical equipment, sanitary ware and other industries.


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