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Which metal nameplate label laser marking machine is good, how much per set?

Each product has its own unique label, which records some basic information about the product, these information are unique. However, the information marked by traditional engraving method is easy to fade or be tampered by lawbreakers, resulting in a large number of counterfeit and shoddy products. So it requires Laser marking machine to mark permanent product text information on the label.

The laser marking machine uses laser beam to implement non-contact laser marking on the product, it will not damage the surface of the product. It has good marking quality, thin laser beam, little processing consumables, small heat affected zone. The laser machine is controlled by computer, which is easy for automation implement. The text pattern information marked on a variety of materials are exquisite and permanent, no fading or falling off, which effectively prevents counterfeit and shoddy products. 

The label paper is generally made of PET-aluminum coating material, and of course, some are metal nameplate label. Although the traditional marking method can also mark the metal material, but the marked information is easy to be erased very quickly. While the fiber laser marking machine not only can print permanent mark the label paper, but also mark the permanent text pattern information on the surface of some metal products.

At present, the application of nameplate label laser marking machine becomes more and more extensive, and the demand for nameplate laser marking machine is increasing in the market. But most buyers still have a little understanding of the laser marking machine price. How much does it cost to purchase such a laser marking device? Which laser marking machine brand is better? Shenzhen Sun Laser will answer these questions for everyone:

Metal nameplate label laser marking machine mainly consists of laser, laser galvanometer, marking card and industrial computer. The laser marking machine with fiber laser has good beam quality and the laser can engrave on metal and non-metal surfaces. At present, the label laser marking machine on the market is not clearly priced, because the metal label laser marking machine is non-standard equipment, the price is different according to the parameters, power and configuration of the laser marking machine.

For the selection of laser marking machine manufacturers, it is necessary to choose a manufacturer with good reputation, good service and good Laser marking equipment. Shenzhen Sun Laser is such a laser marking machine equipment manufacturer, we have established perfect market service system, providing customers with excellent cost-effective products and efficient pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. 


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