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How much is a 3D laser marking machine? Which factory is better?

The Laser marking machine uses high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece, causing the surface material to vaporize or undergo chemical reaction of color change, thus leaving a permanent mark. The laser marking can mark various characters, symbols and patterns etc, and the character size can even reach micrometre degree. In the field of coding marks, traditional laser marking machines have been widely used in the flat surface marking of various products, but with industry development, 3d laser marking machines are becoming more and more active in the market.

3d laser marking is a laser surface concave processing method. Compared with traditional 2d laser marking, 3d marking has greatly reduced the requirement on the processed object surface flatness, and the processing effect is more colorful. More creative processing technology comes into being.

The 3D laser marking machine is a new type of marking method that subverts the traditional 2d laser marking. It can realize the marking of special products such as plane, curved surface, irregular surface, spherical surface and fault surface. The marking effect is complete and exquisite.

Compared with the previous 2D laser marking, 3D laser marking can perform rapid laser marking on products with uneven surface and irregular shape, which not only improves the processing efficiency, but also meets the needs of personalized processing. Now it gives the processing and production rich display patterns, provides a more creative processing technology for material processing.

How much is a 3D laser marking machine? The prices of 3D laser marking machines on the market are different. The specific price depends on the model, configuration and function of the Laser marking equipment. It is generally recommended to call the laser marking machine manufacturer directly for sample proofing. Shenzhen Sun Laser have 3D laser marking machine, welcome everyone to consult and proof. 


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