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Shenzhen 20w fiber laser marking machine price

Laser marking technology is a new processing technology developed after laser welding technology and laser heat treatment technology. It is a non-contact, non-polluting and wear-free new marking process. In recent years, with the improvement of laser reliability and practicability, the development of laser marking technology has been promoted. More and more Laser marking machines with different models and brands appear in the public's field of vision.

The advantages of laser marking machine with low consumables and no wear make more and more people buy it. The first question that everyone thinks when purchasing fiber laser marking machine is price. Many people always feel there are so many manufacturers of fiber laser marking machines in Shenzhen. There is always a manufacturer whose products are relatively cheaper, but the price of marking machine is often a direct reflection of product quality.

Therefore, Shenzhen Sunlaser reminds everyone: It is still important to choose a better laser marking machine, the price determines the configuration, the configuration determines the quality of the laser marking machine, and a good laser marking machine can bring a good experience to our work. According to the configuration of the laser marking machine, the power is also different. Generally, there are special models of 10w, 20w, 30w, 60w and alumina blackening, and the price of each model is also different. So many people will think, how much is it suitable for me to buy a 20-watt laser marking machine?

The price of 20-watt fiber laser marking machine is generally about 25,000CNY to 30,000CNY. The specific price depends on the material of the product and the requirements on marking range and mark depth. The other factor is the brand of laser marking machine manufacturer and the laser purchased, if the imported laser is used, the price will be relatively higher.

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